Texas Hemp Culture is OF THE CULTURE! We love CBD and the Hemp plant, we love to lather in salves and hemp lotions. We love to grow the plant, feel the plant, see the plant and love the plant into the amazing specimen it is! My wife and I, Jade Bolgiano, spent several years refining our cultivation skills and industry networking. From starting a couple plants in our closet 13 years ago, to cultivating and operating licensed medical and recreational cannabis grows in Colorado, Oregon and California. We cared for and maintained thousands of plants. We grew indoor, greenhouse and outdoor plants. All the while learning daily as we grew. That's one thing that has always been intriguing about the cannabis plant, that's the fact that you are always learning something new. The love for cultivating plants was and continues to be a large driving force to the business. "If you can do what you love you wont work a day in your life" it's said. Although somewhat true lol, lots of work went into getting to Texas Hemp Culture's birth.