K&A Apothecary

K&A Apothecary strives to bring you the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoid products. We are dedicated to providing you with the alternative medicine you seek, at prices you can afford, without sacrificing the quality or contents of our products.

K&A Apothecary is a family run operation. The K&A Family includes Sean (owner & operator), Shannon (creative counsel), and their two children. Nia (nye-uh) – the corgi who you’ve likely seen around – is one of the main reasons that we started K&A; after witnessing how much CBD helped Nia and other family members & friends, we had to share the joys of cannabinoids with everyone that would could. We believe that the best way to share the joy with everyone is to offer high-quality products at prices that are actually affordable.

Our ultimate mission is to improve the quality of life for as many people and dogs that we can.