We're a family farm in Vermont that produces pesticide free, organic hemp and full-spectrum CBD. We aim to cultivate the highest quality products in Vermont, while educating on the amazing potential and many uses of hemp.

The owners, Andrew and Devan, met in high school in a small rural town in Ohio. The two fell in love, and the rest is history. After graduation, the two moved to Virginia where they lived a suburban lifestyle. They had their first child in Virginia, but when they learned a second was on the way, they began to re-evaluate their job choices, and the environment in which they wanted to raise their kids. After much discussion the two decided to relocate to Vermont. Devan has always had a passion for animal care and training. Andrew in farming, farm maintenance and construction. Between the two of them, they have been able to successfully run a sustainable farm where they are their own bosses, and are raising their children to be part of the family business. In the end, the business is a secondary side effect of working and raising an amazing family.