HempFlowers Vendor List


The Hemp Flowers Vendor List is a community-inspired collection of some of our favorite hemp companies on the market today. We are proud to be one of only spaces in the industry that provides an entirely unbiased and unpaid platform for consumers to find trustworthy companies, and all vendors have been vetted by moderators, trusted users, and the community at large.

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Cascadia Blooms



Eight Horses Hemp

Elli-Hou Farms

Finger Lakes Cannabis

Five Leaf Wellness

Full Moon Medicinals

Goat Ridge Hemp

Happy Budz Hemp


Hemp Worldwide

Horn Creek Hemp

Mystic Roots

My CBDHaven

Natural Nuggs

Oregon CBD Hemp

Ouachita Farms

Project Hemp Flower

Redwood Reserves

Robin Hood Extracts

Southern Charm

Square Roots Farms

Texas Hemp Culture

TreeHouse Remedy

Wisconsin Hemp Flower