Hemp Flowers Vendor List


The Hemp Flowers Vendor List was originally created in honor of moderator Timmy's list of safe hemp flower vendors: A list he personally vetted and regularly shared with members of his subreddit, r/hempflowers .

Sadly, Timmy was banned from reddit last fall (2020) for his dedication to providing a safe, unbiased space for the hempflowers subreddit.

We leave this site up as a tribute to Timmys list, and advise everyone to do their own research when taking anyones recommendation on a trustworthy vendor. We're proud to say that this site is completely unpaid for, in alphabetical order, and has no ulterior or profit motive. We host the site out of pocket and in Timmys honor.



Cascadia Blooms


Eight Horses Hemp

Elli-Hou Farms

Five Leaf Wellness

Goat Ridge Hemp

Happy Budz Hemp


Hemp Worldwide

Horn Creek Hemp

Indigo Mountain Hemp

Mountain Flowers Hemp

Mystic Roots

My CBDHaven

Natural Nuggs

Oregon CBD Hemp

Ouachita Farms